What is the purpose of the Online Library?

The Online Library is a gateway of institutional and environmental resources, which aims to make available, in an organized manner, relevant information to CI staff and partners throughout the world. The content is managed by groups of people from almost all CI programs and divisions. If you have suggestions for improvement.

How do I log in?

Click the upper hand button right below the logo and enter your username and password

Why do I have to log in?

There are two main reasons:

  • Certain documents are only available to CI staff because of copyright laws. In order to comply with copyright terms of different publishers, any document not published by CI is available to staff members only until consent is given by the publisher to distribute to the public.
  • Only CI staff can submit documents to the online library. Therefore, you must login in order to be recognized by the library as a confirmed user.  

What types of documents can I submit to CI Online Library?

CI Online Library is a repository of final documents. Documents include outreach materials (brochures, fact sheets, newsletters, presentations, and press releases), books, book chapters, articles, conference papers or presentations, academic theses or dissertations, science journals or newsletters. Resources such as publications, web pages, and multimedia content, hosted on sites other than the library can be posted in the Library via Submit. Draft documents, digital photographs, and resources containing budget, personal or any other type of sensitive information are unacceptable. Here are some guidelines to the appropriate storage spaces for different kinds of documents:

  • Draft documents, budgets, intenal memos, employee information - eRoom, network drive, or other medium, such as CD or flash drive
  • Digital photographs - Photo hosting sites such as Flickr, Snapfish, or Shutterfly, or personal hard drives/network drives, or CI Image Library
  • Videos - YouTube, or other video hosting site.

How do I submit a document?

First, you have to log in. The SUBMIT tab will appear in the upper menu. Click on SUBMIT, select Document or Weblink and complete the form. If you need help, click on the "?" in each field for instructions.

How do I post a resource in the "What's New" section?

The "What's New" section is a list of the ten most recently uploaded documents. Your document stays in the list until ten more documents are uploaded.

Can I be notified by email of most recent documents?

Yes. On the library home page, click "Subscribe to email" at the bottom of the "What's New" section. You will begin receiving daily notifications of new documents. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the same button.

Does CI Online Library provide access to scientific literature?

Yes, to a certain extent. CI staff can access BioOne (www.bioone.org), a collection of downloadable full-texts of bioscience research journals. Most BioOne's titles are published by small societies and non-commercial publishers so do not expect to access articles published in Nature, Science or Conservation Biology. However, CI headquarters have most of the printed issues of big journals in the physical library.

Who manages the content of the CI Library?

The content is managed by a group of document managers spread throughout the organization. Every Regional Program and CI Division has an assigned manager who is responsible for the integrity of the documents and metadata pertaining to the respective department and their folder. The Information Technology Team is responsible for the system integrity while the Institutional Learning Initiative is the project owner.

How can I create a folder for my Program or Division?

Most divisions and programs have folders in the Online Library with various subfolders. Document managers are allowed to create subfolders within their top-level divisional or programmatic folders. For instructions, see the help section. If you would like to create a folder but are unable to do so, please Contact Us.

Does CI have physical libraries?

CI has a physical library at headquarters as well as in other regional programs, such as Madagascar.

Are there restrictions on file sizes?

The limit set by the system is 100 MB. However, the main factor that affects upload and download time is internet connection speed. Most users with dial-up or slower internet connections will not be able to download or upload files of this size. Please keep this in mind when using the library.

If I have a very large file that I'm having trouble uploading, what should I do?

The first option would be to compress the file. You can compress text files by using WinZip, a free program that is installed on most CI user computers. For other publications that contain high-resolution images, such as powerpoint, there are a few options. You can convert powepoints to PDFs using a variety of commercial software. Please contact your local IT representative to learn more. You may also compress all the images before uploading by running them through Adobe Photoshop, Irfanview, or similar program.

Who can use Conservation International's Online Library?

First and foremost, this Online Library serves CI's staff and partners with valid usernames and passwords. This website also offers CI information and publications to the general public that can be downloaded without logging in.

Why are some resources protected?

Conservation International is contractually obligated to limit access to many publications and resources to its staff and key partners who hold network accounts. Whenever possible, CI authorizes the use of its publications for educational and other noncommercial purposes. However, CI requests written notification and appropriate acknowledgement.

How can I find out if CI Online Library has a particular resource?

Access the SEARCH tab in the upper menu. The basic function allows you to search the whole library by typing keywords. You can narrow your results by using the Advanced Search tool. CI publications are downloadable by everyone.

Can I submit documents to CI Online Library?

Only CI's staff and partners with accounts can submit documents to this Library.

Can I create a link to CI Online Library in an external site?

Please refer to the Terms of Use.