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marine ecosystems and biodiversity in Raja Ampat. Target behaviors are: dynamite fishing, cyanide …
Authors: System Account Date: 9/2/2009 Size: 410KB Documents/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=1284

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of a rapid biological assessment of the Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia. Over half of the world …
Authors: System Account Date: 1/20/2010 Size: 2MB Documents/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=1095

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Program: People, Protected Areas and Conservation Corridors (PPC) … projects, including one to protect reefs in Raja Ampat, and another to protect a globally critical …
Authors: System Account, Lina Barrera Date: 7/1/2005 Size: 73KB Documents/2009/All PPC 05-07 RPD monthly report.doc

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MINUTES FOR RPD - DC RETREAT June 28, 2005 I. Introduction II. Programs Presentations III. Questions Raised and Discussion Themes IV … Working with CI-Indonesia on the Raja Ampat project …
Authors: System Account, Semond Date: 6/28/2005 Size: 126KB Documents/2009/RPD-Retreat Minutes.doc

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Chocó-Manabí (CMCC): CI-Ecuador in partnership with Randi Randi, Ecociencia and Biosfera will update the management plan of Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve. In the near future …
Authors: System Account, Amarian Date: 3/1/2006 Size: 213KB Documents/2009/RPD Monthly Reports Mar2006.doc

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Program: People, Protected Areas and Conservation Corridors (PPC) … at the Corridor Scale: Case Study: Raja Ampat and Mamberamo Raya Corridors, Papua Province … SL and CELB held a high-level …
Authors: System Account, Lina Barrera Date: 6/1/2005 Size: 76KB Documents/2009/All PPC 05-06 RPD monthly report.doc

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Chocó-Manabí (CMCC): At the end of July, in San Lorenzo-Esmeraldas, CI-Ecuador and Colombia implemented the Bi-national Seminar on Environmental Journalism. 11 Colombian and 8 …
Authors: System Account, Amarian Date: 7/1/2006 Size: 167KB Documents/2009/Monthly Report July 2006- Public.doc

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International Forest Dialogue Follow up: Based on the success of the International Forest Dialogue, an on-going international multi-stakeholder dialogue process focused on forestry …
Authors: System Account, Lina Barrera Date: 10/1/2005 Size: 176KB Documents/2009/All RPD October Monthly Reports.doc

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Outline of Case Study Summary for Corridor Workshop Brazil 6-10 Dec 2004 … The Raja Ampat and Milne Bay Corridors are areas of high marine biodiversity richness. The …
Authors: System Account, Cboyd Date: 12/10/2004 Size: 276KB Documents/2004/Summary - Milne Bay Corridor.doc

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REGIONAL PROGRAMS MONTHLY REPORTS April 2006 ANDES CBC Progress towards outcomes Programmatic Vilcabamba-Ambor?? (VACC): CI-Per?? has managed to extend the concession for the Mahogany …
Authors: System Account, Amarian Date: 4/1/2006 Size: 180KB Documents/2009/Monthly Reports Apr2006- Public.doc

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