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PROGRAMS DIVISION Institutional Learning Initiatives REGIONAL PROGRAMS DIVISION What and Why … acquisition Initiation of select network initiatives Development of global teams Development …
Authors: System Account, Shapihow Date: 1/20/2010 Size: 4MB Documents/2009/11.TPA Learning Networks_Fred Boltz.ppt

Microsoft Word
Safeguarding the Saola within the species' priority landscape in Vietnam   … Organization Short Name / Acronym, if anyWWF … Full Mailing Address -- include street, city and postal code …
Authors: Michelle Murphy Date: 11/19/2012 Size: 66KB Documents/GrantAppWWF55618.docx

Microsoft Word
PPC Management Team Meeting Summary: 17 May, 2005 PPC … of PPC approaches by using model initiatives, and moving towards these model initiatives to become more noticeable to reflect …
Authors: System Account, Terhi Majanen Date: 5/17/2005 Size: 64KB Documents/2009/PPC Mgmt Team 05-05-17.doc

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capacity building and lessons learned initiatives the Regional Programs/CBCs are requesting, and to be able to better tailor future PPC-driven initiatives to RP/CBC needs. …
Authors: Fred Boltz, Susan Stone Date: 1/24/2005 Size: 82KB Documents/2009/PPC Mgmt Team 05-01-24.doc

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PPC Management Team Meeting Summary: Oct 8, 2004 PPC … into PPC’s 5-Year Results, and the initiatives are being incorporated into the list of PPC Major Initiatives by James-Christopher …
Authors: System Account, Jcmiller Date: 10/8/2004 Size: 87KB Documents/2009/PPC Mgmt Team 04-10-08.doc

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are major active partners in all the initiatives of COP7 i.e. Monitoring targets and they … prevent rivalry in the long term with other initiatives. Based on the results of the PALNet …
Authors: System Account, Cborja Date: 4/28/2004 Size: 143KB Documents/2009/U. 1 Notes - WDPA Consortium - Conference Call 28-04-2004.doc

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PPC may be available to support additional initiatives that are not being funded under the … an estimate of how much funding is available to support additional initiatives this year. …
Authors: Fred Boltz, Susan Stone Date: 3/1/2005 Size: 103KB Documents/2009/PPC Mgmt Team 05-03-01.doc

Microsoft Word
WDPA-related activities but also other initiatives contained in the MoU. Silvio mentioned … Other suggestions include mentioning other initiatives and advances from the WPC: PALNet …
Authors: System Account, Cborja Date: 4/15/2004 Size: 126KB Documents/2009/T. Notes - WDPA Consortium - Conference Call 15-04-2004.doc

Microsoft Word
incorporated integrated health and conservation initiatives into their new 5-year strategy … and providing technical support to, these initiatives during an upcoming trip to Indonesia …
Authors: System Account, Lina Barrera Date: 5/1/2005 Size: 73KB Documents/2009/All PPC 05-05 RPD monthly report.doc

Microsoft Word
Database initiatives to be presented at WPC: WWF-Universidad de Buenos Aires- protected … on how to move on each of these initiatives. Consortium needs to agree and comment on core …
Authors: System Account, Cborja Date: 7/23/2003 Size: 65KB Documents/2009/N. Notes - WDPA Consortium Conference Call 23-07-2003.doc

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