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Our mission??? We believe that the Earth???s natural heritage must be maintained if future generations are to thrive spiritually, culturally & economically. Our mission is to …
Authors: System Account, Ibarra Lorenzo Miguel Date: 1/20/2010 Size: 3MB Documents/2009/Cambodia ecotourism presentation Caloy Libosada.ppt

Microsoft Word
Web Site Address, if any </w … History and Mission Statement - Provide a brief description of your organization's history and mission, including experience relevant to the proposed …
Authors: Michelle Murphy Date: 11/19/2012 Size: 66KB Documents/GrantAppWWF55618.docx

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The mission of the People, Protected Areas, and Conservation Corridors Department is to … Necessary Conditions and parties responsible for these conditions to fulfill PPC Mission: …
Authors: System Account, Jcmiller Date: 10/8/2004 Size: 87KB Documents/2009/PPC Mgmt Team 04-10-08.doc

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Mangrove & River mouth Sacred Mountain Cemetery & Village Subsistence fallow PA Sacred Area … were brought to the coast foe easy access to incoming services by government & mission
Authors: System Account, David Mitchell Date: 9/2/2009 Size: 5MB Documents/2009/BRZL MBCorr APPX 1.doc

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CSP conducted a program design mission to South Africa, which led to agreement on a proposal … of Guatemala as part of a proposal to the USAID Guatemala mission submitted November 30th. …
Authors: System Account, Lina Barrera Date: 11/1/2005 Size: 84KB Documents/2009/PPC Nov report.doc

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The workshop will be held in the gymnasium of the Ganta United Methodist Mission from … August 7th. A farewell celebration will held at the Methodist Mission on Friday August 10th. …
Authors: System Account, Miguel Morales Date: 8/10/2007 Size: 270KB Documents/2009/Final workshop Agenda-Liberia Workshop-Aug07.doc

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Understand the human component of our mission – from on the ground work with communities, to … to building a conservation ethic and the impact on strategy and mission success. …
Authors: System Account, Cbourns Date: 1/10/2008 Size: 157KB Documents/2009/Leadership Summit Agenda -Jan 04 08.doc

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This document describes resolutions of the Forest … The Mission Statement is: Protected Areas Network of Liberia conserves unique biodiversity … The United Nations Mission in Liberia …
Authors: System Account, Jessica Donovan Date: 8/10/2007 Size: 70KB Documents/2009/Workshop Resolution-Aug07.doc

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“Since its creation in 1987, the mission of Conservation International (CI) has been to … can live harmoniously with nature. This mission is both science-based and people-centered …
Authors: Summit Date: 9/2/2009 Size: 68KB Documents/2009/Mohamed_PeopleComments.doc

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into their new 5-year strategy. The AID mission is also interested in supported scaling up … the term “biodiversity conservation” in its mission statement. While this is lip service as …
Authors: System Account, Lina Barrera Date: 5/1/2005 Size: 73KB Documents/2009/All PPC 05-05 RPD monthly report.doc

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